Against The Current’s In Our Bones Tour

Written and photographed by Kayla Martinez

Against The Current recently hit the road on their In Our Bones North American Tour.  If you’re not familiar with Against The Current, the group consists of Chrissy Costanza (lead vocals), Dan Gow (guitar), and Will Ferri (drums).  Personally, this is my second time seeing them, the first time being probably two or three years ago.  Let me tell you that from the first time I saw them to now, their following has grown immensely.  For starters, they’ve already done a number of international headlining tours, along with touring with other bands throughout the U.S.  I was able to head out and photograph their show in San Diego, CA on December 3rd.  Photographing this band was fun – their lighting was very colorful and made for some cool photos.  But aside from the photo aspect of it, the music itself was great.  Their sound is comparable to that of We Are the In Crowd with a hint of Paramore, or at least that’s what I get from it.  Although, I don’t know if I’m just thinking that because it’s a female lead and because ATC has some strong connections to WATIC (Chrissy is currently dating Cameron formerly of WATIC, and Will Ferri is Mike Ferri’s brother!)  However, Against the Current definitely does have a unique sound of their own.  Chrissy’s cute, raspy voice live is just as great as her recorded voice on a CD or one of their songs on iTunes.  Their music is so fun and energizing.  Everyone at this show was so pumped for ATC to come onstage, and when they finally did, the whole crowd was jumping and singing along.  My personal favorite from this show was when they performed “Paralyzed.”  That song has such a great upbeat, rock vibe to it and I think it showcases the whole band’s skills perfectly.  If Against The Current ever comes to your city or a city near you (maybe even on State Champs’ upcoming Spring Tour…) I highly encourage everyone to go out and see them.  You will not be disappointed, and you will definitely be seeing huge things from them soon!


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