The Bachelor Episode 2 Rundown and Thoughts

Bachelor Episode 2

THIS EPISODE!!!!!! WHERE DO I BEGIN WITH THIS EPISODE!!!! This episode honestly had me so frustrated.

First of all, CORRINE. I mean, no tea no shade to her (jk of course there is) but like… Why????

So the episode started off with a group date. Nick had them taking wedding photos and at the end of it, the photographer would pick the winner of that challenge based off who HE thought had the best chemistry with Nick.  So all the girls were handed different themed wedding dresses (except for a few which got bridesmaid dresses.)  There was one girl that got an 80s wedding dress, biker girl wedding dress, one girl was pregnant and had a shotgun (shotgun wedding), one had on a traditional dress, one had a princess-ish dress, and Brittney was themed Adam and Eve so all she had was a bikini bottom made of leaves and her hair to cover the boobs. And Corrine was a beach bride so she had a white bikini with a wedding dress skirt thing? And a veil.

So Corrine was feeling all hot cuz she had the bikini on, and she was talking of how she wanted to kiss Nick again and how that bikini is gonna totally get his attention, and then the girl in the leaf bikini bottoms comes out (Brittney) who is basically naked, and that’s when Corrine feels the need to step it up a notch. And also I guess Corrine and Taylor have some sort of beef? Not sure where it came from, I guess I didn’t watch the 1st episode too closely. But it sounded like Corrine was seeing Taylor’s relationship with Nick as a threat because they seemed to have a good connection.

Long story short, the photographer takes wedding photos of all of them seperately and when it’s Corrine’s turn, things start to heat up. So again, Corrine is in the white bikini and wedding skirt, and so the photographer has her and Nick go into the pool.  Corrine and Nick are posing, kissing, etc. and then, Corrine TAKES OFF HER BIKINI. She has Nick “Janet Jackson” her boobs (hold her bare boobs from behind) and all the girls are like “wtf.”  A lot of them think that’s too much on the first date.

My thoughts are pretty much the same as theirs. Corrine said she wanted to be the “real Corrine” and I guess that’s the real Corrine? I mean if the real her is like that then by all means go for it girl!!! Work what u got!!!! But I get where the girls are coming from. It made for a very uncomfortable situation for the others but I mean I guess you have to stand out somehow!

So Corrine ended up winning that challenge because the photographer felt her and Nick had the best chemistry, and that definitley rubbed people the wrong way. A lot of them are starting to think Corrine got the rose because she took her top off, and they’re starting to question what Nick is going after. But also, it was really brave and ballsy to do that and she really put herself out there and made it a point to let Nick know she likes him and wants him, so props to her!

BUT a lot of people ended up kissing him that day, so now Corrine can’t keep saying she’s the only one who’s kissed him!

Afterwards, they all went to the after party for some one-on-one time with Nick. Corrine steals Nick for some alone time first (no surprise) and they talk and make out (no surprise.)

As the night goes on, Nick is talking to other girls and CORRINE KEEPS INTERRUPTING THEM TO HAVE MORE TIME WITH HIM. Like, girl be respectful!!!!!! But they are in it for Nick so she needs all the time she can get I guess!

THENNNN (and this is where it gets good) Taylor and Nick are having their time together and guess who comes in? Corrine. Remember I said Corrine and Taylor have some beef? Well, I should say jealousy issues, and I should say Corrine has issues with Taylor. But Taylor and Nick were having a good convo, like really getting to know each other, and Corrine just barges in even though she’s already had her time!

Then Taylor comes back to get her WELL DESERVED TIME WITH NICK BACK! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!! But obviously that pisses Corrine off and she’s venting about it, but literally that’s what she’s been doing to girls all day so she can go cry me a river.

Then the rest of the date is basically all the girls not liking Corrine and Corrine telling the girls how to act and yeah, not cool and very irritating.

But, SURPRISE! Corrine gets the rose.

Then Danielle M. and Nick go on a one-on-one and it’s cute and nice and she gets the rose blah blah blah (I love Danielle she seems so sweet, but it was the boring part of the episode.)


BUT THEN another group date happens and Liz is on that date. Remember Nick and Liz had a past together? Well Nick had the girls do skits where they break up with him and it’s all funny and lighthearted, and then it’s Liz’s turn. And she basically tells everyone in the crowd about their past but no one knows that that is what she’s talking about (except Christen, who she told earlier.) So everyone’s confused as to what she’s talking about and Nick is VERRYYYY uncomfortable.

My thoughts on that was that it was unfair for Liz to put him in that situation. It was in front of EVERYBODY and Nick was already worried their past would come up before he had a chance to address it.  You could tell how uncomfortable he was.

But at the end of the night he ended up sending Liz home after Christen told Nick that she knew he and Liz hooked up.  So then Liz and Nick talked about it and he said he didn’t see a future with her. And honestly everytime they talked it always seemed to be an argument? That’s how I saw it. And throughout the group date Nick was like, avoiding eye-contact with her and not really talking to her, so I guess it was for the better.

And the episode ends on a cliff hanger with Nick telling the girls on the group date why he sent Liz home and telling them they met months ago and had sex. So we just have to wait till next week to see their reactions!!!!

So far, my favorite girl right now is Taylor. She seems really sweet, smart, and genuine. But we’ll see if that changes!

This episode was lit af tho I love The Bachelor and I look forward to the drama. That’s all I have to say.

Check out what The Ellen Show and Jimmy Kimmel had to say about this week’s episode!


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