The Bachelor Episode 3 Rundown &Thoughts

The Bachelor episode 3 Rundown & Thoughts

This episode really had me wanting to smash my TV with a Dundee award!!! (The Office reference, anyone? No? Okay.)

Well, the episode started with Nick telling the women that he had met Liz before the show and telling them that they had sex. They were surprised and caught off guard, and some were questioning Nick’s intentions, but it ultimately ended well.

My thoughts on that was that I thought it was very mature and smart of Nick to address it so that if others did find out he wouldn’t look so shady.

They also had a rose ceremony at the beginning of the episode, and Corrine wasn’t there, she was asleep! She secured a rose on a previous group date so she didn’t have to worry about being sent home but I mean, if everyone has to suffer through a rose ceremony, she should be there too out of respect.

But during the cocktail party for that rose ceremony, Corrine took Nick outside and played around with some whipped cream. I think it was supposed to be sexy but it was weird and kinda awkward. Did I mention Corrine was wearing nothing but a trench coat? I wonder what she was trying to achieve with that because I mean if I were there I would assume Nick wouldn’t do that kind of stuff yet, at least not where they could be easily caught.

There were 2 group dates during the episode. The first was an athletic date, and Dominique ended up being sent home because Nick didn’t feel a connection with her and she didn’t think he was giving her fair attention. The 2nd was a date with the Backstreet Boys!! Corrine was feeling uncomfortable because she can’t dance and other girls were stealing her thunder. Danielle L. ended up winning that challenge and getting the rose! Yay!

The episode went on with Nick not having a cocktail party before the 2nd rose ceremony, but replaced it with a pool party! And guess who took that opportunity to her fullest advantage? Did you guess Corrine? If you did, you are CORRECT!

But before we get to that, can we talk about Corrine’s nanny? Corrine admitted to having a nanny during the afterparty of a group date.  She said that her nanny, Raquel, does everything for her. Wakes her up, makes her bed, makes her coffee, cooks, makes her special cucumber snack, etc. Corrine also said that she doesn’t think she could have a kid because she could barely take care of herself. If that isn’t a red flag, I don’t know what is!!

One of the girls actually talked to him about it, Raven I think, and Nick was very surprised… And not in a good way.

Now, back to the pool party. All the girls were excited to be around a topless Nick (😍) but Corrine took it to another level. She had a bouncy castle brought in, and invited Nick in to jump around and ultimately ended it with her straddling him. All the girls were watching and it made all of them so angry to the point where some were so disgusted they just went back inside. Nick looked like he was enjoying his time with her and said that he wanted to be with someone playful. And after Corrine pulled that little stunt, she went back inside and fell asleep… Again.

My thoughts on that was that it’s nice and really awesome how comfortable Corrine is with her body and in her skin, but I think she went too far with this. All of the girls were watching and just out of respect for everyone I don’t think she should have done it. It also made Nick look bad and all the girls were really questioning his intentions.

Vanessa was one of those girls questioning him. They had an AMAZING one-on-one date (which made me a huuge fan of her), and then this happened and made her question Nick. She actually did approach him about it and ask him what he was thinking and saying that she wasn’t judging Corrine, but judging him. He didn’t really have any answers for her, and that’s where the episode ended.

I thought this episode was… Controversial. Corrine REALLY grinded everyone’s gears and I’m SURE everyone watching at home just wanted to punch something. Corrine is a very strong and confident personality and that definitely rubs people the wrong way. But I have to say, it makes for some great TV.

Now, to end this review, my favorite from this episode is Vanessa, she seems so strong and outspoken and I LOVE IT! And my least favorite is Corrine, although that may change sooner or later because I love how she is adding to the entertainment lol. Now we just have to till Monday for a new episode 😦


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