Rising Trend Alert: Fishnets & Denim

One fashion trend we’ve been seeing a lot towards the end of 2016 and entering 2017 is the “ripped denim and fishnet” look.  We first saw this on Kim Kardashian, back when she posted this photo on Instagram in September:


I thought it was a really cool and edgy look.  I also thought “Hey, here’s another Kardashian trend!” but, I guess this trend has been around for a while.  Rihanna was seen wearing it on her single cover for “Wait Your Turn” in 2009, we’ve just never really noticed it until now!


Then in November, Kylie Jenner posted this photo of her outfit. It looks to be a more lowkey, casual take on the look and I have to say, probably my favorite way I’ve seen it styled.


More recently, the queen himself, Bretman Rock, was seen on his Snapchat and Instagram wearing the same trendy combo, and honestly… he killed it.  He makes it look so fresh and new and (sorry for using this word again, but) edgy. Who knew fishnet on fishnet could be a thing?

And while we were searching through photos of this season of The Bachelor for our Bachelor recaps, we found this photo of the soon-to-be infamous, Corrine Olympios.  She is seen posing wearing this combo with bright red lips, matching red fishnets, a sports bra, and a black leather jacket.  This gave it more of a biker chic vibe.  She really did give this trend a more unique look.


I also found this photo randomly on my Explore Page of Instagram, and it just proves that this is a very cute trend that can be styled many ways!


What do you think of this trend? I personally love it, I’m a sucker for layered looks. You can really glam this up or tone it down, and being versatile is always a good thing, right? Do you think this trend will survive 2017? Let us know in the comments!


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