Galentine’s Day

By Shruti Adusumilli

With Valentine’s Day approaching, the abundance of lonely single souls can’t help but feel disappointed that they won’t be receiving a box of cheap drug store chocolates or a dollar store teddy bear this year. But thanks to the queen Leslie Knope from the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, we have the opportunity to celebrate Galentine’s Day! What is Galentine’s Day you may ask? On February 13th, celebrate your female friends and all that they do for you!

Do a gift exchange, go out for brunch, text each other a million heart emojis, or whatever you seem fit. Whether I print them from online or make them myself, one of my favorite and easy ways to celebrate Galentine’s Day is to give cards to my lovely friends. Here are some cards that I created that you can print out and give to your friends! Some are Parks and Rec themed, (if you don’t watch the show, please do), and some just say “Happy Galentine’s Day!” If you want to do something more personal, make your own. Here’s one that I made this year for my best friend that you can use for inspiration.

Especially with the discrimination women have been facing this year, it’s important for us girls to stick together and spread love. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or not this year, make sure to take a moment to show your favorite gals that you love them! After all, the future is female.


Print this card (Drawing of waffle by EatitPaintit on Etsy)

Print this card
Print this card
Print this card

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