Mike Naran new song “It’s Only You” review

By Kayla Martinez

♪ Click here to listen to “It’s Only You”  ♪

The song starts with Mike singing “it’s only you.”  Just from those three words, I could tell this was a song I would enjoy! Mike’s voice is so relaxing and soothing, very easy on the ears.  As someone who has seen him at a live show before, I can say that his voice is very pure and real.

As for this song, from what I could tell, this song is about a girl who maybe has some doubts about herself or their relationship, or has had her heart broken before and is carrying that fear into new relationships which causes her to form doubts and build walls.  It sounds like she is someone who is pushing him away because of those doubts, but he is reassuring her that she is the only one he wants and the only one he always thinks about, and no matter how much she tries to convince herself she needs something different out of a relationship, he will be there to tell her that they are meant to be.

Of course, everyone interprets songs differently, so I could be completely wrong.  But, going off of my interpretation, this is an incredibly relatable song.  I had a broken heart a few years ago which caused me to have doubts and build walls in my current relationship, much like the girl in the song.  And the way Mike is singing about how she is the only one for him and convincing her she doesn’t need to worry is actually very helpful for me.  It kind of makes me realize that I need to take a moment and tell myself that every relationship is different and it won’t always end in heartbreak, I just have to be willing to let that person in.

So, if you are in a similar situation, this would be the perfect song to help ease your mind, but if you’re not, you should listen to it anyway! Mike Naran is a very talented musician and this catchy song is one that you will be listening to for years to come.


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