2017 Fashion Trends (so far): Out with the old, In with the Older?

By Meg B.
It’s been almost 2 months since 2016 ended, and the fashion world has already introduced the biggest trends of winter 2017. 2016 was already hinting at this, but all things vintage are coming back! From faux fur to thick turtlenecks, 2017 is going to be a very fun year for fashion!
Trend alert #1- Faux Fur
No, not faux fur nails. We’re over that.
Faux fur used to be a thing of the elite, not street style. But obviously, its coming back, stronger than ever. Take a look around New York, and you’ll see fur coats styled with the most unlikely of things.
 Faux fur coats + mom jeans (yes its a thing now)
Trend #2- Oversized Turtlenecks
I used to have something personal against turtlenecks, but this year has shown me the truth. Whether it be with other layers, or simple leggings, turtlenecks make everyone look classy and cute!
Trend #3- Beige
Beige can’t be limited to only fall clothes! The more beige the better, the color has a special warmth to it, like sunny days at the beach and going home to a warm bed. Why not carry that comfort on your body forever?
Buy it here: Oversized Bomber Jacket by Thaddeus O’Neil

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