All Time Low: Meet the Young Renegades


By Zoe Nixon

All Time Low has been keeping the best kind of secrets.

After over a year in the studio, being on the road, and Straight to DVD II, the Baltimore group revealed they have joined the Fueled by Ramen roster as of early 2016. This was a surprise considering they had just reunited with Hopeless Records for their chart-topping 2015 release, Future Hearts, but there’s nothing but good feelings and support between the band and the label.

The second surprise was their song, “Dirty Laundry”, which is definitely not your usual All Time Low fare. You can hear the band experimenting with synths and other sounds that have an 80’s influence. And just when you thought the nostalgia kicked in, they released another single, “Last Young Renegade”, about the bittersweet emotions that accompany first love and how bright and quickly it burns.

Along with all this, they’ve taken on the persona of the Young Renegades for this album as they reflect on their youth and lives so far with the spirit of the band shining through as promising as ever.

“Last Young Renegade” is out on June 2nd. Catch them on tour this Summer with SWMRS, Waterparks, and the Wrecks!


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