Unicorn Makeup Craze of Summer 2017

By Kayla Martinez

If you follow anything beauty related on social media, you’re probably familiar with the unicorn craze that seems to have taken the beauty world by storm this summer.  A number of brands have debuted unicorn-inspired products, and makeup artists everywhere have done their interpretation of unicorn-inspired looks.  People have fallen in love with the pastel and holographic colors that surround unicorn products, and of course all the glitter and magic that comes with it!  Here are a few of those brands and artists that have jumped on the unicorn bandwagon:

1. Tarte Cosmetics – Make Believe in Yourself Collection

tarte unicorn
Photo from Tarte Cosmetics

Tarte Cosmetics made a full collection based around unicorns and magic.  Their collection featured a glitter eyeliner, an opalescent pink liquid highlighter, a face & body glitter, and a pastel-colored eyeshadow palette.  They even added a few new Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paints: a more neutral, mauve shade called Festival, and a not-so-neutral mint green shade called Fairytale.  Plus, they came out with a unicorn highlighter, which has different stripes of  mostly rose-gold and pink shades, and changed the packaging of their cult-favorite Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara to something more holographic and unicorn appropriate.  This collection also featured unicorn-inspired brushes whose handles look like actual unicorn horns and bristles with magical shades of either pink, purple, or mint green.  What is unique about this unicorn collection is that it is more suited for a neutral take on the unicorn look, with the mauve liquid lipstick, rose-gold highlighter, and eyeshadow palette which features a good number of neutral and pink shades, but it could still be taken to the next level with the mint green liquid lip shade, and the amount of glitter and highlighter you choose to wear.

2. Wet n Wild’s Unicorn Glow Box

Photo from Wet n Wild

Similar to how Tarte came out with a full unicorn collection, Wet n Wild came out with their Unicorn Glow Box.  This set was launched on Ulta.com on May 21st for $29.99, and it was sold out almost a day after its release.  It can still be bought on Wet n Wild’s website while supplies last.  The box has a value of $40 but is being sold for $10 less.  Wet n Wild’s summer 2017 collection features 3 highlighters, one being their Color Icon Rainbow Highlighter which has been sold prior to the box, and two new Color Icon highlighters, where one is more golden bronze and one is more on the peachy side.  The collection also contains three Color Icon Loose Pigments that are pink, purple, and blue, and all three have magical unicorn-inspired names.  These pigments can be used on your eyes, body, and cheeks.  There are also two MegaLast Iridescent lip colors, as well as a makeup brush that looks similar to Tarte’s unicorn brushes, except that the bristles are white.  While the unicorn box has sold out quickly, you can still buy the products separately on Wet n Wild’s site for prices ranging from $2.99 to $5.99.

3. Too Faced Cosmetics – Unicorn Tears

Photo from mamamia.com.au

Too Faced released their La Crème Color Drenched Lipstick in the shade Unicorn Tears last year.  This shade is described as an “iridescent shimmer” and seems to have shifts of purple and blue, which is perfect for the internet’s current love of all things holographic and pastel.  There has even been talk from Too Faced CEO, Jerrod Blandino, of a liquid lipstick form of the shade which is supposed to launch in June of this year.





4. I Heart Makeup – Unicorn Heart highlighter

Unicorn highlighter
Photo from @iheartmakeupldn

I Heart Makeup came out with their own rainbow/unicorn highlighter called “Unicorns Heart.”  The packaging is very similar to Too Faced’s blushes.  This highlighter has five stripes of rainbow colors – red, orange, green, blue, and purple – and when it is swirled together, it is more of a lavendar shade.  Claims have been made that the formula is a bit sheer, but of course you can build it up and become as much of a rainbow unicorn as you please!




5. Shay Mitchell

Photo from @shaymitchell

Makeup looks have been seen everywhere on social media that have been inspired by all things unicorn and magic.  This Pretty Little Liars star took it upon herself to sport this unicorn-inspired look to Coachella.  On her Instagram post, Shay credited a MUA named Ariel for creating this look, and a tutorial for this look can be seen on her YouTube channel.  Shay and her MUA decided to do a more wearable and practical unicorn look that may appeal to a larger number of people, as opposed to a more drastic and attention-grabbing look.




6. Laura Lee

Photo from Laura Lee

YouTube-famous beauty influencer Laura Lee also took a similar approach to the unicorn look that Shay Mitchell took, one that is a bit more practical.  Although, hers is a tad bit more attention-grabbing because she used Tarte Cosmetics’ lip paint in the shade Fairytale.  In this look that she created on her YouTube channel, she tested out Tarte’s unicorn collection and created this magical look!



Photo from IAMKARENO

Another Youtuber, Karen Yeung, created her take on this unicorn fad.  She seemed to take a more holographic approach to this unicorn look.  The confetti and glitter on her hair and the jewels under her eyes really makes this look fun and magical!




8. Aspyn Ovard

Photo from Aspyn and Parker

Aspyn Ovard’s unicorn look is similar to Laura Lee’s – a bit more practical, but the use of Tarte’s Fairytale lip paint makes it pop.  In this video, she tested out a bunch of unicorn-themed products to create the look she is wearing.  She also put some jewels under her eyes like Karen to complete this unicorn look!



9. GlitterForever17

Photo from GlitterForever17

These unicorn looks have been seen to range from practical to theatrical! And GlitterForever17‘s take on a unicorn look is no exception.  In Breland’s video, she completely transformed herself into a sparkly, glittery, magical fairytale.  Complete with a unicorn horn and glitter and stars all over her face, this look is every unicorn-lover’s dream! space



10. Charisma Star

Photo from Charisma Star

Charisma Star is yet another beauty influencer who jumped onto the unicorn bandwagon.  Her look was similar to Breland’s in that it is also very glittery and bold.  Hers had more of a pink and purple feel to it, with, of course, a touch of rainbow.  She even topped her look off with a unicorn horn on her forehead.  If that isn’t unicorn dedication, I don’t know what is!

What’s your favorite unicorn product or look? What do you think of this unicorn craze? Let us know in the comments!

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