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Urban Dictionary defines “twenteen” as “the new age for a person who doesn’t want to lose being a teenager once they hit the age of twenty.” Some people may see this as a negative thing, as someone who is in denial of getting older, but we don’t see it like that. Getting out of your teen years and going into your twenties (aka adulthood) can be a scary thing. But always remember to live young, work hard, be bold, and be yourself!

We at Twenteen Magazine hope to share this message through our online content, interviews with young, inspirational, hardworking people, and seasonal issues. We hope to reach anyone within this age range (our out of it!) and give you a place to relax your mind.

We make an effort to showcase various music and lifestyle topics through photography, creativity, interviews, and seasonal issues. We love being able to highlight up-and-coming artists and anyone who wants to do some good in the world.

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Created in Dec. 2016 by Kayla Martinez